Mark Galins

Are you looking to invest in the Hotel and Hospitality industry? Are you an established Hotel and Hospitality business wishing to improve your operational performance and margins? Are you wishing to raise finance to purchase a business, expand an established business or purchase new equipment. If your answer is yes to any of these questions HHC Ltd can help you.

Choosing a consultancy to work alongside your company is a difficult task. The advice I was given many years ago about choosing a consultancy of any discipline was to think about it as being advised you need urgent open heart surgery and must choose a surgeon quickly! Do you choose a surgeon who has been around a long time and has made his mistakes and learnt by them or the new surgeon who has yet to learn from their mistakes?

I have put together a consultancy for you that is staffed by consultants with a wealth of experience from various disciplines within the Hotel and Hospitality industry, who have learnt from their experiences over many years and can use that expertise to better your company.

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Our services include
- Strategy
- Restructuring
- Dispute Resolution
- Asset Management
- Development
- Business Operations
- Finance